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This new collection of short stories by Maurice Claypole is more than just a gripping read. It spans the range from the supernatural to the contemplative, from fantasy and tales of the imagination to the here and now.

Each story aims to entertain whilst at the same time striking a chord in the reader, awakening primeval fears and serving as a reminder that things are very often not what they seem.

A combination of the magical, the mystical and the prosaic, each tale is unique and yet together, they present a fascinating panoply of human life, a world of dreams fulfilled and unfulfilled, a world of trial and endeavour, but always a world in which we can recognise ourselves and in which individuals are driven to seek the unseekable and are yet prepared to laugh at the inevitable.

-Preface - A Parting Shot - Vigilance - Damaged Goods - The Patch - Goodbye to Old Fort Niagara - Riding the Storm - No Man's Land - Goose in Straw - George - Fairytale of West Sussex - The Blue Lamp - Layers - The Way of All Flesh - The Photograph - Almost Persuaded - The Rocking Horse - The Seasonal Visitor - A Knight's Tale - Digital Flashback - Game On - The Betamorphosis - Two's Company

A Parting Shot

A Parting Shot

And other twisted tales

Maurice Claypole



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