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Academic Presenting and Presentations

The accompanying videos form an integral component of this course and consist of two types of presentation: Learning Presentations, which give advice to students and Sample Presentations, which illustrate different types of presentations.

Academic Presenting and Presentations is a new university-level training course suitable for all students who have to give presentations during their course of study or in their later careers. The material is designed for a global audience and can be used in a wide range of contexts.

The instructional and practice material included not only helps students to develop their presentation skills but also provides insights into topics of interest in a study-oriented environment such as research methods and the dangers of plagiarism.

In addition to covering specific aspects of English as the language of presentation in an international environment, the unique content of this learning program emphasises high-level task achievement, since experience shows that this is the area most students find especially difficult.

Each unit of Academic Presenting and Presentations focuses on a different presentation genre, building students’ awareness of how to present effectively whilst at the same time focusing attention on the specific requirements of addressing an audience in an academic context.
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Academic Presenting and Presentations

A preparation course for university students

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