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Aladdin - a family pantomime

There can be few things more quintessentially British than the panto and Roy Byrom's delightful interpretation of the classic, Aladdin, is a superb contemporary example of the genre. All the traditional elements are cleverly worked into a storyline that skilfully combines old and new comedy routines, favourite gags and contemporary humour with a lavish dose of song and dance, all in the spirit of good, clean family fun.
At its best, a pantomime is not only an opportunity to laugh out loud, cheer the hero or heroine and boo the villain, it is also a cathartic experience. You know you will leave the theatre in high spirits, that evil will succumb to the pure of spirit and that order will be restored. In the words of George Bernard Shaw, 'A child who has never seen a pantomime is a public danger.' More than any other type of live theatrical entertainment, pantos can be enjoyed by young and old and genuinely help to bring generations together. Fashions come and go, musical tastes change radically from one generation to the next and the blockbuster movies enjoyed by one's parents often elicit only a wry smile from their offspring. But panto is here to stay. Where else can you see children, parents and grandparents joining in the fun together, shouting at the top of their voices and immersing themselves in a fantasy world of zany fairy-tale characters and larger-than-life villains?
This is a traditional family pantomime - with a twist. Poor boy meets rich girl and they fall in love. Boy becomes rich, loses his riches - and the girl. Then all ends happily in the end! All the ingredients are there for you to laugh, shout, boo, clap and have a really good time being transported out of this world where, supposedly, there is no atmosphere. OH YES, THERE IS!!
This highly entertaining version of this family classic was first performed at Leeds City Varieties and subsequently enjoyed a successful run at the Halifax Playhouse in 2019. This acting edition contains the complete script and full stage directions and is typeset in a practical and easy-to-read format.
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A family pantomime

Roy Byrom