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Artificial Intelligence in Autonomous Language Learning

Despite major advances in computer hardware generally and in software development techniques in areas such as engineering troubleshooting and gaming, computer assisted foreign language learning applications have not kept pace with the general trend. This is as true today as it was when the content of this book was first set out and in a sense we are still waiting for the envisaged breakthrough which will harness the power of artificial intelligence and object-oriented software development in order to create truly effective software solutions specifically designed for the independent language learner.
The third edition of this book presents a snapshot in time outlining the scope of software solutions available for autonomous language learning at an early stage of their development and then goes on to examine the interface between the technology of expert systems and the latest applications in the fields of natural language processing, interactive gaming, online learning and virtual reality.

Artificial Intelligence in Autonomous Language Learning

An Expert Systems Approach to Computer Assisted EFL Self Study

Maurice Claypole




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