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EFL Communication Strategies in a Virtual World    

This book reports the findings of an exploratory case study examining the communication strategies used between three adult EFL learners and their teacher during meaning-focused conversation tasks in the virtual 3D world of Second Life

The research was carried out in the context of a Master of Sciences program at the University of Edinburgh, Moray House School of Education.

The analysis of the session transcript reveals the extent to which the participants employed many of the communication strategies concomitant with face-to-face interactions for effective conversation management. The data also shows that the participants adapted their communication strategies to suit the Second Life platform, thereby overcoming the conversational ambiguities that arose from the absence of paralinguistic signals. Discourse analysis of the transcript offers further insight into power relations, politeness and risk taking and provides signs of sociocultural learning and language development in keeping with Second Language Acquisition theory.

Susan Gowans holds a B/Des Hons degree from Dundee University and an Msc in TESOL from the University of Edinburgh. With considerable experience in English language teaching in primary, secondary and private schools, she is currently engaged at an elementary school in South Korea.

Her interests range from health and nutrition through children’s and young adult literature to jewellery and accessory design. She is also passionate about all aspects of language teaching methodology, in particular issues relating to online language learning and teaching.
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EFL Communication Strategies in a Virtual World

An exploratory Study

Susan Gowans



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