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This book will improve your English word power and help you to learn new languages.

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Dr Arnheim's unique approach shows how English can be used as a gateway to other languages. Taking you on a rollercoaster ride of linguistic discovery, the author guides you through the origins and interconnections of words you know, words that may be new to you and words you only thought you knew.

Vocabulary is the undisputed key to language learning, and the author draws on a wealth of experience and insight to illustrate that the more you know about English words and their origins, the easier it is to study any related language. More than an academic study, more than mere entertainment and more than a conventional language course, Gateway English enables you to boost your English word power and unlock new languages.

Dr Michael Arnheim is a practising London barrister and author of over twenty published books. Educated in the United Kingdom and South Africa, he is a Sometime Fellow of St John’s College, Cambridge, and former Professor of Classics at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.

Whilst at Cambridge, Dr Arnheim conducted research into a range of topics and taught Classics and Ancient History at a number of colleges. During his time as Head of Classics in Johannesburg, he devised a new system of learning Latin, for which he wrote a series of Latin stories titled “The Adventures of Marcus.” He also taught his students Spanish under the title of “Modern Latin,” using etymological links with English, along the lines described in this book.

Gateway English


Gateway English

How to Boost your English Word Power and Unlock New Languages

Dr Michael Arnheim


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