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Practice Makes Perfect

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT proves that grammar training can be fun. This innovative classroom resource is ideal for intermediate to advanced learners who want to improve their grammatical accuracy through spoken practice. The book covers a variety of grammatical points such as tag questions, inversion, participle adjectives and cleft sentences. Taking an experience-driven approach, the activities focus on language points that are known to require extensive practice before learners can begin to use them accurately and with confidence.

What sets this book apart from other grammar books is that structures are practised primarily through interactive pair work. This guided speaking practice incorporates student-to-student partner drills whereby one partner can check the other partner's answers in real time, providing immediate feedback.

The partner drill focus of this book makes it suitable for use in classes of all sizes as well as in multi-level classes, since the framework used enables less advanced students to complete the activities in dialogue with linguistically more advanced members of their peer group.

Furthermore, this book maximises student speaking time by offering a variety of opportunities for interactive practice and authentic speaking activities.

Practice Makes Perfect

Partner Grammar Drills for English Language Learners

Intermediate (B2)

Andrew Garth



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