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Teaching EFL Online                                                         

This book explores the role played by the e-moderator in creating and teaching an online course in English as a Foreign Language. It details relevant theories of online learning and shows how they are represented through various models, creating a framework to assist the e-moderation process. The study includes an analysis of Salmon’s five-stage model and critically assesses its effectiveness in helping to prepare a new e-moderator to teach in an online environment. During the accompanying project, qualitative self-study research was carried out and captured by the moderator in the form of an introspective, reflective journal.

The method chosen was found to be particularly insightful, uncovering the e-moderator’s beliefs and perceptions as well as the challenges encountered throughout the process.

The research on which this book was based was carried out in the context of a Master of Science program at the University of Edinburgh, Moray House School of Education.

As the reader will quickly come to appreciate, these finding reveal not only the complexities, problems, responsibilities and challenges encountered but also the tremendous rewards that can be gained from the e-moderation process.

Andrew R. Webster was educated in Edinburgh and at the University of Dundee and holds a degree in psychology and philosophy and a master’s degree in TESOL. He is currently teaching English in South Korea and is passionate about exploring the pedagogical potential of virtual worlds and Web 2.0 tools.

Teaching EFL Online

An e-moderator’s report

Second edition 2022

Andew R. Webster



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