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ISBN 9781911369462
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Roy Byrom’s new version of this classic fairy tale delightfully embraces all the key elements of the genre, from song and dance and set pieces to verbal comedy and slapstick in a subtle segue from tradition to originality.

A highly entertaining theatrical experience is guaranteed by the carefully crafted script featuring all the audience’s favourites, from the eponymous anthropomorphic protagonist famously outwitting a shape-shifting ogre to the colourful array of characters driven mercilessly by the inevitable progression of the plot line to a happy end.

This acting edition contains the complete script and full stage directions and is typeset in a practical and easy-to-read format.

Casting: Large, flexible cast

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Puss in Boots

A family pantomime

Roy Byrom


This one-act play is unique in that it is set on a canal boat on the British inland waterways. It is suitable for performance on a large or small stage and full details of set design and a props list are included in this Acting Edition.

Also included is the score of the song, Narrowboat Blues, as used in the play.

Synopsis: Tom and Bunty are spending their retirement on a canal boat, but things are not as rosy as they seem when their daughter Abby makes a surprise trip home from Spain. Andt things are not as rosy as they seem for Abby either. Thankfully, modern technology is on hand to make life easier, until it doesn't, and the local boat electrician is also on hand to help... sort of…

A caring, funny, sometimes melancholic look at narrowboat life with implications that go far beyond the immediate setting.

Casting: 2 M, 2/3 F


ISBN 9781911369790
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Narrowboat Blues

A canal boat comedy drama in one act

Maurice Claypole


The European Journal of Applied Linguistics and TEFL

Volume 10 Number 2

Teaching English to Young Learners

Edited by Andrzej Cirocki and Eva Wilden



Gateway English

Gateway English

How to Boost your English Word Power and Unlock New Languages

Dr Michael Arnheim


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ISBN 9781911369578

The Taste of Rain

A miscellany of modern fiction

Various authors

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect

Partner Grammar Drills for English Language Learners
Upper Intermediate (B2)

Andrew Garth

ISBN 9781911369905
WSt W10 141121


ISBN 9781911369097

ISBN 9781911369523